Plane Buzzes ICAO Assembly to Urge End to Climate Procrastination [PHOTOS]

MONTREAL, QC, CA – The Flying Clean Alliance took flight and buzzed the 38th Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization in a plane trailing the banner, “Can’t Spell Procrastination Without ICAO.” The flyover took place as delegates from 191 countries entered the assembly to again consider controls for climate pollution from airplanes.




High-quality photos of the plane above the ICAO building are available [click thumbnails below to get larger images]:

Feel free to use these images, but please ensure proper photo credit is applied: "Photo ©Guy Lavigueur"


“To quote noted aviation philosopher Maverick, ‘Sorry Goose – but it’s time to buzz the tower,’” said Flying Clean Alliance Director Shelby White. “ICAO has been talking about dealing with carbon pollution from airplanes for 16 years, but doing nothing. They need to know that the world is watching and expecting action.

“If they can deliver, it will be a major accomplishment for the climate,” White said.

The Flying Clean Alliance represents thousands of elite frequent flyers and tens of thousands of everyday flyers who believe the aviation sector needs to stop blocking meaningful action on climate.

Tomorrow, ICAO is expected to vote on an agreement to agree to a global market-based system to curb aviation climate emissions in 2016, which would go into effect in 2020, when airplane emissions are projected to be double what they are today.  This comes after 16 years of conversation since ICAO was first charged with addressing aviation and climate.

“For a long time, ICAO has been kicking the can down the runway,” said White. “Every reporter covering the proceedings should review ICAO’s statement of policies on the environment, because you see goals pushed off again and again. With all the missed deadlines crossed out and rewritten and deferred expectations, it would be funny if it wasn’t such a waste. The Macarena was the number one song in the world when they started working on this.”

“ICAO can’t just keep playing it’s old game of promising climate action - next time, and then failing to deliver. Climate change is costing the aviation industry billions of dollars in cancelled flights from extreme weather, and hurting the whole planet. The latest IPCC report on the risks of climate change shows that the aviation industry must do its part to address its pollution, and that means action, not empty promises.”

You can go here for more on the Flying Clean Alliance, and here to see a version of the ICAO working paper showing how their own documents highlight repeated delays over the last 16 years [PDF]. 

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